Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Depending on the climate you live in, it may be time to start thinking about getting your outdoor furniture ready for winter storage and how to store and wash your outdoor furniture in the fall. No matter where you are, now is the time to think about refreshing your outdoor furniture and getting it ready for summer outdoors in the coming year. Before you bring your powerful cleaning solvents and props with you, let's take a moment to unwind, put down the pressure washer, and see what the experts say when it comes to cleaning patio furniture.


how to clean patio furniture

Soft Is Not Strong

Powerful cleaning and quick stain removal might be your requirement for a cleaner? Maybe you prefer the straight-forward power effect, but when it comes to outdoor furniture, you want to get over your instincts and clean with a mild soapy water and detergent. According to most care and maintenance guidelines for cleaning outdoor furniture, the best practice is to mix a mild soap (such as dish soap) with warm water, lather and wipe all over the outdoor furniture, then rinse thoroughly with water. A soft bristle brush helps get in between the cracks and the braided material. Dry with a soft, absorbent towel.


Outdoor Cushions & Fabrics

Do not dry clean or machine wash cushions and other fabrics, using strong cleaners can also discolour the fabric. Again, the best way to clean is to use mild soap and water. If you're still having trouble removing mold or other stains, look for a commercial outdoor furniture cleaner and protector and follow the directions. The sun also has incredible cleaning powers, so after rinsing, set the pads upright in a sunny spot to dry. If you plan to store it for the winter, or use it indoors.


how to clean patio cushions

Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor carpets are one of the must-haves in most outdoor places. The suggestion for cleaning outdoor carpets is to immediately wipe off any stains with a clean sponge or cloth, then rinse with a hose. After rinsing 2-3 times, you can hang it on a fence or On the door, sunlight exposure will help speed up the drying process.

how to clean outdoor rug

For the cleaning of VICLLAX furniture, you can follow the above methods. After cleaning, be sure to dry the furniture and store it well, which will help you to spend more time with the brand-new furniture.

Ken Zheng