Outdoor tables and chairs provide a comfortable space for outdoor rest. Outdoor furniture appears on the market as a new life in the furniture industry. Outdoor tables and chairs and mainstream products in the outdoor furniture industry, outdoor tables and chairs are the new fashion of outdoor furniture. It reflects people's relaxed life.

Depending on the material, the advantages of outdoor tables and chairs, rattan tables and chairs. Imitation vines last longer than natural vines, and are easier to maintain from water, wind, and sun.
Aluminum table and chairs. Aluminum alloy tables and chairs are the mainstream of outdoor leisure tables and chairs. The main reason is that they have good water resistance and are not easily eroded by the environment.
Solid wood table and chairs. Solid wood feels good and environmentally friendly, but the disadvantage is that it is prone to cracking and peeling outdoors
Fall for a long time, so the general solid wood outdoor tables and chairs should be surface treated.
In recent years, the price of solid wood tables and chairs has also risen due to the increase in the price of logs.
Plastic tables and chairs. Plastic has good water and oil resistance, so it is also often used in areas such as beach pools. Many people think that plastic tables and chairs are too thin to be strong, but this is not the case. Plastic recliners, plastic chairs, etc. are strong and have a long life. But winter is brittle and easy to break, so we should take it back to the warehouse in time.
Eco-friendly wooden tables and chairs. Good environmentally friendly wood (also known as plastic wood, imitation wood, rubber, tables and chairs) is tested outdoors by relevant state departments, and has been widely used at home and abroad in recent years. A cast-aluminum cast iron table and chair, it looks heavy and noble, and it has a decent depth and width. Cast aluminum series can usually be used for more than ten years without changing color.
Ken Zheng