About The Purchase

How long will it take to get my order?

It depends on your location. All in-stock orders free ship from CA or GA warehouse within 3-8 working days.

How do I track my order?

You will receive updates via email including a tracking number once your order shipped.

Do you ship outside the contiguous U. S.?

Not yet. We currently only ship within the 48 contiguous United States. We can not deliver to APO/FPO or PO Boxes.

About Our Business

I have purchased vicllax products on some shopping platforms, what is the difference between the products on vicllax.com and those?

As for products, all item on vicllax.com are all tracked by sales team members from design, selection of material, proofing to production, testing and packaging, we think they are the key person who what customers need, and also the material and design are so unique so can't find the same product on other shopping platforms.

In terms of service and attitude, vicllax.com does not think that the relationship between customers and sellers are simply buying and selling. The members of vicllax.com see their customers as their own family, friends, loved ones, all in order to provide them with ideal outdoor furniture and a comfortable outdoor life.

How the product is priced?

Sales price of the product is mainly covers cost of the product and various expenses, and the cost of the product is mainly refer the cost of purchasing raw materials and production. The costs mainly include, the shipment fee of imported materials, product inventory costs, express transportation costs, warehouse management fees and so on.Besides, we will count a small gross profit to ensure that the sale of products will not lose money to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.

Are your customer service teams the same team? Can I contact you for products I bought on other platforms?

Please note that the team of vicllax.com is independent of any other department, we are only responsible for products sold on our own website, and are committed to long-term high-quality service and better products. For other products, please contact the relevant team first. If you need any help from us, please let me know and we will help convey it.

What is the purpose of establishing vicllax.com?

As I mentioned, we are pool together from other outdoor furniture sales department, it basically because we found several problems that we couldn't solve before on some sales platform.

First, the distance between consumers and sellers, establishing our own official website can shorten the distance between consumers and sellers, and we can understand each other like a face-to-face conversation. Find out what kind of yard you have, what kind of table, chair, sofa, and more you want.

Second, we already know that most products on the major shopping website can only be used for one season because of the poor quality, but the price comparison policy on the platform makes it difficult for sellers to build their own quality and brand.

Third, we are tired of making money by selling products, we want more people to be able to spend a day or four seasons in their own yard comfortably, play, barbecue, relax instead of complaining about the sofa back too short, seat too low, chair cushions too small. We want everybody can afford a deram outdoor living.

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