Our planet, Our home.

Our planet is choking on plastic.

Recyle Textilene

We use recycled Textilene in our chairs. After being salvaged, the plastic garbage is sent to the machine to be ground into fragments, melted at high temperature, then cooled, stretched and shaped into fibers suitable for yarn production. This fiber can be recycled and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving nearly 80% of energy than conventional polyester fibers.

Plastic Recycling, A Necessary for Earth

Many plastic products on earth are nondegradable, so throwing them away is not only a waste of resources, but also will cause great damage to the environment. Therefore, we recycle plastic and make it into products for daily life. This reduces our consumption of wood and other resources. Meanwhile, harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage simply enter the ground and pollute the groundwater. If the waste plastic is directly burned, it will cause air pollution.

Eco-friendly Sythetic Rattan

PE rattan we purchase is mainly made of recycled plastic. Because no other additives or toxic and harmful substances are added in our production process, it is non-toxic and environment-friendly and can be recycled and reused in the later stage, it also reduces our deforestation of real wicker and protects the earth's vegetation.

We follow the concept of sustainable environmental protection, and try to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible in all product production.