Your local weather 

Your regional weather determines which outdoor furniture will last for more years. Wet and rainy weather will cause wood to rot and iron to rust; hot weather will accelerate the aging of plastics, darken paint colors, and fade fabrics; snowy weather, infiltrating the interior of furniture and freezing will cause the structure to crack. Therefore, it is not only its quality that determines the life of furniture, but the environment in which it is located also greatly affects its service life. We hope that you can also take this factor into consideration when choosing the furniture so that you can get the most value from your outdoor furniture.


airticle outdoor furniture

The size of your outdoor space

Before buying outdoor furniture, I think it's very important to measure your outdoor space ahead of time, it can be very frustrating if you don't want to buy good-looking furniture and then you can't place it at home. Measure ahead of time how much space you need to buy furniture. If the space you need to put the furniture is also an aisle, then I recommend that you leave the aisle width of about 30 inches to 35 inches after placing the furniture, so that there is enough space to pass through the aisle and adjust the seat. If you plan to place dining tables and chairs on a wide deck or patio, it’s a good idea to place them about 40 inches apart from the edge of the space to avoid overcrowding and have enough width to pass.


airticle outdoor furniture

Consider your budget

The budget determines the scope of your purchase of outdoor furniture, that is, you must give up considering those overpriced products, but this does not mean that you have to give up cost-effective products, it is recommended that you choose sturdy and durable furniture, which can reduce maintenance costs. For example, the cost-effective VICLLX outdoor furniture can be purchased for only $200-300. We have selected more popular colors and furniture styles to match your needs. We are committed to the lowest cost to bring buyers the best product experience.

airticle outdoor furniture
Ken Zheng